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World recognised household brand, notorious for durability and dependability

Hyundai is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomic engineering and technology. Backed by highly advanced factory automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovative engineering, the division offers a wide range of material handling equipment (MHE) to satisfy our customers’ needs.

The art of being different…

  • Electric counterbalancehyundai 50d-9 diesel counterbalance forklift trucks
  • Engine counterbalance
  • Reach trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Low lift pallet trucks
  • High lift pallet trucks
  • Tractors


Electric Forklift Trucks
The Hyundai 3- and 4-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks, continue to follow the core Hyundai Material Handling tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance, whilst most of all, delivering the best possible value for our customers.

The specially designed ergonomic operator compartment always keeps the operator in complete control, improving productivity and reducing stress and fatigue. Thanks to an improved durable design and an additional stability system, Hyundai Material Handling electric trucks exceed the highest demands for safe operation.

Extended maintenance intervals and advanced technology components reduce the overall cost of maintenance. The latest in AC control systems provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and reliability. Each parameter is fully adjustable to perfectly match your individual requirement, providing maximum control and accuracy for every function.

Engine Forklift Trucks
hyundai diesel counterbalance forklift trucksBuilding rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks, has allowed us to become a leading provider of forklift trucks in Europe. By adding high specification features, and proven technology, our aim is to increase productivity whilst lowering equipment lifetime costs. Our latest range of internal combustion (IC) products are the cornerstone of our business and include the most important features as standard, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and internal side-shifts, along with a whole host of safety features.

The Hyundai CI forklift truck range are available in a range of capacities and chassis configuration from 1,500kgs to 25,000kgs for our diesel range, and 1,500kgs to 7,000kgs in our LPG range forklifts.


Reach Trucks
hyundai reach stacker powered pallet truck warehouse equipmentHyundai Material Handling reach trucks deliver high performance whilst maintaining a simple and comfortable operating environment. This means that these trucks deliver the highest levels of productivity and reliability possible.

Pallet Stackers
Our updated range of stacker trucks caters for all requirements, whether you’re operating in narrow areas, lifting heavy loads or looking to double load, we have the truck for you.

Pallet Trucks
No matter what products, pallets or loads you need to transport. Hyundai Material Handling has the perfect solution for you. With our durable manual or powered pallet trucks, you can transport loads up to 5,000kgs.

Tow Trucks
Maximize the productivity of your business with Hyundai Material’s full range of powerful and agile electric towing and platform trucks.

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