Narrow Aisle Flexi

VNA articulated fork truck technology

World leading British designed and manufactured Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment

Since Narrow Aisle pioneered the Flexi articulated truck in the early 1990’s it has gone on to become the most popular on the market. They have been developed specifically to improve storage handling as well as customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics.



Lift out battery cassette with fork pockets for easy changing, fast, safe multi-shift lift operations.

No electrical components under battery, additional forklift not required to access drive components when servicing the truck.

Energy saving independent power steering motor and ‘whisper’ pump provides safe predicable steering even when using hydraulic functions.

Three independent braking systems; AC regen motor braking for wear free service braking and flyback current to battery, foot pedal operated hydraulic drum brakes for emergency braking, handbrake applied drum brakes for safe parking even on inclines.

Long term high resale value.

Proven reliability, low cost of service and low parts prices.

Key features

  • Reduce aisle widths down to 1,500mm
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Built in Great Bridge, West Midlands, UK


  • Reduce warehouse costs
  • Increase storage density
  • Improve handling efficiency



Best operator visibility on the market with its exclusive ‘HiVIS’ twin post overhead safety guard (CE/EU) and unique four cylinder ‘VISION’ triplex lift mast both of which are registered designs and greatly add to its popularity with operators.

‘Over Rotation’ feature with up to 220° of articulation means the driver is able to enter the pallet safely and more quickly on the ‘First Turn’ than any competing models.

Unique ‘True Radius’ design means there is no outer radius when turning, this eliminates ‘in aisle’ product or pallet rack damage.

Industry leading Zapi AC controller and motor technology package for ultra-reliability and low maintenance.

Cast steel side weights and steel plate rear panel protect the Flexi chassis from

accidental damage even in tough warehouse applications.

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