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STILL provides the right forklift for every situation. Whether they are high lift pallet trucks, warehousing trucks or order pickers with electric, diesel or LP gas drives – they all have one thing in common: They are highly optimised in strength, precision, ergonomics, safety and environmental responsibility. They are “simply efficient”.


The most comprehensive product range in the world…

  • Electric counterbalance
  • Engine counterbalance
  • Reach trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Very narrow aisle (VNA)
  • Tugger trains
  • High lift pallet trucks
  • Low lift pallet trucks
  • Platform trucks and tractors


Electric Forklift Trucks
still rx50 24v compact electric counterbalance forklift trucksInsist in the best: The STILL electric forklift trucks base on nearly 100 years of expertise in electrics. Benefit from innovations that coin the industry, emission free propulsion and performance that is at eye level with diesel trucks – at substantially lower maintenance costs.
Whether you decide to use modern lithium-ion technology or conventional lead-acid batteries: STILL electric trucks always stand out with long operation times, enormous reliability and individually adjustable driving characteristics. RX 20, RX 50 and RX 60 the electric forklift truck series from STILL are the most efficient and cleanest way to move loads weighing up to eight tons. And they all have one thing in common: They set the standards.

Engine Forklift Trucks
Powerful, efficient, low-emission. Fitted with state-of-the-art engine technology, the RX 70 diesel and LPG trucks from STILL provide clean performance in any situation. And we mean this literally: Virtually all the models are well below the legal requirements for emissions, even without soot particulate filters. And they offer the best possible performance in any load capacity class from compact to massive. STILL diesel and LPG trucks score in rough outdoor or heavy indoor applications with reliable turnover capacity. Thanks to capsulated components they are always ready, even in dusty or humid environments. And the diesel trucks present themselves as notably fuel efficient: They need up to 17% less fuel than their best competitors. Perfect interaction between human and machine, based on well-thought ergonomics: Back-friendly seats, large access steps and spacious cabins promise comfortable work.

Warehouse & VNA

Reach Trucks
The STILL reach trucks are not only outstanding because of their lift height of 13,000mm. Also the fact that thanks to enormous residual capacities they are able to lift up to 1,000kgs up to this height is only a small stone in a large mosaic of added value.Beyond great economic feasibility, the powerful drive and the excellent driving characteristics you will benefit from many unique features that are only available for STILL reach trucks. This includes the Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) thanks to which you will already be handling the next load while others are still waiting for their mast swinging to calm down. The waiting times in front of the rack will be reduced by up to 80%! Also the dynamic and smooth mast transition in unreached quality is something you will never want to miss again. This is made possible by an optical height measuring system, which also allows automatic lift height pre-selection or a precise indication of the current lift height in the digital display. If you need to move long and bulky goods, you will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of the four-way FM-4W truck. And the FM-X SE with its Superelastic tyres will give your indoor and outdoor load handling additional reach.

Order Pickers
Hardly any field in logistics is more diverse than order picking. STILL offers you a broad range of innovative horizontal and vertical order pickers, that allow you to solve any task efficiently. Whatever your application profile: at STILL you will find the order picker that optimally fits your requirements. With our vertical order pickers you will be able to pick loads from up to 12,000mm in a spacious cabin, you will still be able to pick comfortably from the first level with our OPX, and you will be able to move loads of up to 2,500kgs at speeds of up to 14 km/h. The STILL iGo neo CX 20 even follows every step of its operator – it is the first autonomous order picking truck.Whatever your needs: double deck operation to handle fragile goods, or especially long forks to move bulky goods: Thanks to the modular system and the great range of variants, you will have a customised truck available that precisely matches you tasks. In all order pickers from STILL you can rely on state-of-the-art technology which will take your order picking to the next level.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks
Individuality and functionality for top requirements: With the STILL VNA trucks MX-X and GX-Q, you access both sides of the aisle in your high bay warehouse without having to turn the truck around – top performance in narrow aisles. And the trucks do not only lift the forks but also the cabin with flexible configurations up to a storage height of over 18,000mm. This way these trucks allow to order pick individual articles manually as well as storing and retrieving complete pallets. Every high bay rack is different: Thanks to the modular design of the STILL VNA trucks, we have an individual answer to any application. Load capacities of up to 1,500kgs and maximum speeds of 14 km/h are only one aspect of the enormous turnover capacity that is available with the STILL MX-X and GX-Q. In addition, there are smart assistance systems than make work faster, easier and safer.

Tugger Trains
Tugger Train solutions from STILL set the standards in efficiency. They can make production supply incredibly lean. Let your production facilities benefit from reliable and precisely clocked delivery sequences. Precise clocking is the product of the optimum combination of electric tractors with our LiftRunner-system. This patented transport and retrieval system for trolleys (load carriers) of all kinds scores with maximum flexibility, unique comfort for the operator and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. This system is supplemented with innovative tractors based on over 70 years of experience in electric tractors. Our Tugger Train solutions are as individual as the warehouse worlds of our customers. The common denominator: You reduce your internal traffic, saving money and increasing work safety. Together we develop a concept that perfectly matches your production supply’s requirements and that meets top level demands. On request, it will even include automation of individual steps in the process or of the complete Tugger Train. Rely on a solution that is innovative, customised and cost efficient.

High Lift Pallet Trucks
With the STILL high lift stackers you will always have both hands on the organisation of your warehouse. Even in the smallest aisles, you will easily move up to 2,000kgs with these compact trucks. And more: Thanks to high residual capacities, you will be able to densify your warehouse to make best use of the available space. Benefit from storage heights of over 5,000mm. Models with air-suspended platforms and top driving speeds of up to 10 km/h guarantee swift and healthy pallet transport also over long driving distances. But the electric high lift pallet trucks are not only fast and strong – they also exceptionally intelligent. For example, the optional load capacity diagram on the EXV shows you at one glance how high the current load can be lifted. Besides this, there are smart assistance systems like Curve Speed Control. This system automatically controls cornering speeds, so that you will always travel fast and safe. Just smart.

Low Lift Pallet Trucks
The compact electric low lift pallet trucks from STILL get your horizontal load transport moving. Even in tightest spaces they convince by precise maneuvering. Whether you are looking for a pedestrian low lift pallet truck or require a stand-on platform or a cabin to cover long driving distances: STILL offers a perfect model for any application. To not only move goods, but to order pick in healthy working conditions there are models with variable working heights that can be adapted to as much as 760mm. All series convince with the intuitive arrangement of the controls. This way, you can fully concentrate on moving up to 2,500kgs of load, instead of caring about the pallet truck. In addition, there are many features that are only available from STILL like the innovative OPTISPEED tiller or the modern STILL lithium-ion technology.

Platform Trucks and Tractors
Shipyards, aircraft and automobile makes as well as the supplying industries to these companies have been trusting the benefits of STILL tractors and platform trucks for many years. Just as many international train stations and airports. No wonder: With and without trailers, the tractors and platform trucks are ideal to move material internally over medium and long distances. Whether you need to tow up to 25,000kgs or move up to eight tons on the platform: You will be hooked on by the driving characteristics, capacity and efficiency of these trucks. Innovative features will make a notable difference in your work. For example the STILL Camp Indicator which informs you in real time about the current gradient you are driving on. STILL platform trucks and tractors are developed to make your work as easy, economic, and safe as possible.

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