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Our team of field service engineers recognise regular preventative maintenance is key to ensuring safe and reliable equipment.

Regular, preventive maintenance should be scheduled in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of your equipment. Guidance on this can be provided by Compact Fork Trucks. The time interval between the various services and inspections will vary according to the intensity of use and the working environment. Forklift trucks are regarded as “plant” for maintenance purposes and time intervals are recorded in hours. For convenience, Compact Fork Trucks will translate this into months for the purpose of determining the planned dates for maintenance activity.

Above demonstrates before and after servicing…

Thorough Examination

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)

What is Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination is a systematic and detailed examination of the lifting equipment by a competent person to detect any defects that are, or might become, dangerous.

A Thorough Examination is quite like an MOT test for a car or lorry. It is a legal requirement. A Thorough Examination is a statutory requirement for lifting equipment under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 98), Regulation 9. It has the same purpose as an MOT inspection by providing a report which identifies that the lifting equipment is safe to use, and/or advice that needs to be followed to avoid risks in use. It is just as important as an MOT – probably more so! There is a legal requirement for a Thorough Examination to be carried out on forklift trucks at least once a year, and often more frequently depending on conditions of use.

All Compact Fork Truck engineers are Thorough Examination (LOLER) certified.


Service is only good when your vehicle is fully operational and ready for use again quickly. Our highly trained and qualified service technicians are fully committed to guaranteeing exactly this. Alongside the technicians’ vast experience and technical knowledge, Compact’s training programs at our manufacturers facilities ensure that their high quality service know how is always up to date.

  • Fast and competent troubleshooting so your vehicles are available and operational quickly
  • Bespoke advice and accurate calculation before starting work
  • Functional tests and professional care increasing service life and reliability

Spare Parts

Compact have a dedicated, fully stocked parts warehouse centrally based in the Midlands. From our depot, we are able to provide you with all of the parts that you would need for your material handling equipment (MHE).

  • New spare parts
  • Used spare parts
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts

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